Bent Whisker is a side project of illustrations created by Twin Cities artist Kara Hendershot.  It began in 2009 with a few small drawings that were originally created for a local Art Vending Machine at Altered Esthetics Gallery – an old cigarette machine refurbished to vend original art. Kara took this as a chance for a brief break from painting and exhibiting extensively, and the project began as the first few illustrations of the Satirical Social Commentary series.
Upon numerous positive reactions to this series, Kara kept working on it. The series evolved and continues to produce new comical characters.

Satirical Social Commentary

This series is a playful social commentary that uses satire to touch on the desperately contagious trends of our culture within society today, and the absurdity of the labels that people place upon one another. People incessantly try on different ‘looks’ in order to stand out, while simultaneously trying to fit in. Why not just be yourself?  Meanwhile, people will label you whether you are portraying a cliché or not. Ironically, members of the animal kingdom don’t really care how they look or how they fit in, hence the humor of this series.  The series includes Hipster Hippos, Pretentious Penguins, Emo EmusGoth Goats, Skanky Skunks, and the ever popular Jersey Shore inspired Douchebag Dinos.

The Passive-Aggressive Minnesota T-shirt

To people who live in Minnesota, this shirt design speaks for itself.  It is based on a spontaneous drawing that Josh Methven, Kara’s fiance, created one day after a long shift at a retail job.  Frustrated at the passive-aggressive behavior of certain customers that he encountered on a daily basis, Josh drew this little logo on a piece of paper and called it the Minnesota State Flag.  It hung on the fridge for a while until one day Kara suggested printing it on T-shirts.  She re-formatted the drawing into a screen design, and handed it to a local screen printer who hand screen prints each shirt.

Damn Cats

Kara and Josh have two cats, Oliver and Emma.  This makes their lives filled with endless humorous stories of cats vomiting on personal possessions, getting caught in curtains, and inevitably finding new ways to piss off their ‘parents’.  All the more material for humorous cat illustrations.